Monday, August 22, 2016

Directors review Association results

Treasurer Thomas Neeley
gave the financial report,
which showed FY16 ended
better than first projected.
At the quarterly meeting of the Illinois Association of School Boards Board of Directors on August 14, the board continued its ongoing review of governing policies and procedures.

A new report allowed the board to assess which specific services and programs are being offered to members by the Association. In the future, additional reports will show how the Association is doing, according to IASB consultant Angie Peifer. Combined, these policies enable the board to connect its work to the Association’s mission and vision, she said.

The Board’s job as trustees is to represent, lead, and serve member school boards and to govern the Association by establishing expectations for organizational results, establishing expectations for quality operational performance, and monitoring actual performance against those expectations. Written evidence of Association results was compiled for the board by the following departments: policy services, field services, board development, governmental relations, executive searches, general counsel, communications, and meetings management.

The board also continued its discussion of how it connects with member school boards by preparing brief, personal conversations on what IASB is and does, so that directors can engage with local board members about their district needs. Executive Director Roger Eddy said that it’s important to know what services are provided, but also to ask how they are being used. 

The board also reviewed its annual self-evaluation and met with Eddy to evaluate his performance. Also approved were bylaws for several divisions, including: Central Illinois Valley, Corn Belt, Egyptian, Illini, Southwestern, Three Rivers, Wabash Valley, and Western.

Treasurer Thomas Neeley gave the Association financial report, which showed that FY 16 ended better than initial projections. While revenues dropped in some sponsored programs, Eddy said that others increased. Investments and containment of expenses also contributed to the improvement.

The need for an evidence-based funding model is the subject of a new video from Vision 20-20 that was previewed at the board meeting. Eddy said additional messages are being developed and will be shared statewide for local districts and other education groups to use.

Reports were also heard from the conference co-chairs, Barbara Somogyi and Thomas Ruggio, resolutions chair Joanne Osmond, and Deputy Executive Director Ben Schwarm.

The Board of Directors will meet again on Thursday, Nov. 17, and Sunday, Nov. 20, in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference.