Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alliance Legislative Report 99-48


For the second consecutive summer, the Illinois General Assembly will be in “continuous session” as lawmakers search for an elusive budget deal. Like last year, the legislature adjourned without approving a budget for the coming fiscal year. A mixture of court orders and the shifting of revenues from dedicated funds into the General Revenue Fund have allowed the state to be operational for the past 11 months even though no spending plan was ever adopted by lawmakers.

Groups of legislators had been meeting in “working groups” for the past several weeks in hopes of reaching a budget compromise. Even though the groups reportedly had been making progress, House Speaker Michael Madigan announced early in the day Tuesday that there would not be enough time to draft and pass an agreed bill and that the House would be meeting each Wednesday of June to keep working on a Fiscal Year 2017 budget. Governor Bruce Rauner responded by calling for a "stop-gap" six-month budget to keep state government operating and to assure school districts that funding would be available to open schools in the fall. This plan was rejected by the Democrat majorities.

But both the House and Senate continued to work into the night and adjourned as the clock was approaching midnight. The House will return to the Capitol on Wednesday, June 8; the Senate is adjourned until “the call of the chair.”

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