Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Board Learning and Association recognition programs to reset

Over the years, IASB has received numerous questions regarding its “Master Board Member” program and our “LeaderShop Academy” program. The questions that recur most often are:
  • Why two programs?
  • What are the criteria for membership?
  • How do I earn points?
  • How do I earn credits?
  • What’s the difference? 
The Association believes that both of these programs are important to school board members for many reasons. So keeping them intact is a high priority. At the same time, we have also realized that both needed clarity and re-alignment. All members should know the purpose of each program, their status within the program, and how to achieve the next level of recognition.

The launch of a new member database system has provided just the opportunity to align each program to a specific purpose, gain organizational efficiencies for improved recordkeeping, and roll both into the new web-based member management system.

For many members, Master Board Member has become the symbol of longevity, IASB engagement, and service. And that exclusive purpose will remain. The LeaderShop Academy membership is associated with member learning and continuous development. That will also continue.

So, what will change? For too long, the programs have overlapped. LeaderShop credits have also garnered Master Board Member points, leading to confusion among members as to what the programs really mean and how to advance. The changes to each program are described below, along with what you can expect

when our new member database goes live this summer. 

Master Board Member Program

LeaderShop Academy Program

  • Purpose: to recognize association engagement and participation in IASB sponsored events.

  • Points are earned by attending division meetings, governing committee meetings, and Joint Annual Conference. In addition, points are earned through participation as officers and attendance at events such as the Delegate Assembly.

  • Beginning July 1, 2016 some workshop activities that previously garnered points are no longer eligible in order to properly align with program purpose.

  • Points earned at IASB events will still apply at the following levels:
o        Level I  - 60 points
o        Level II – 130 points
o        Master Board Member – 200 points

Maintaining your Master Board Member status will now require just 40 points per year beginning July 1. Attending Joint Annual Conference and two division meetings will meet this requirement.

  • The cumulative points earned from previous years will roll over into the new data system and become the baseline for future points earned. All members will retain their currently earned status in the Master Board Member program.

Take the next step:
  • This summer you will receive a Master School Board Member Activities Summary as in previous years. The form includes all the eligible activities for 2015-2016. Complete the form and return it to IASB by July 31st in order to participate. However, this will be the final year we collect Master Board Member points in this manner. Future points will be automatically calculated within our new data management system. As members register and attend IASB events our web-based system will note member activity and award points as assigned.

  • Purpose: to recognize continued learning at IASB LeaderShop-designated workshops.

  • Credits are earned by attending LeaderShop workshops such as Pre-Conference Workshops, New Board Member Workshops, regional workshops and other designated LeaderShop courses.

  •  Beginning July 1, 2016, LeaderShop workshops will only earn credit in the LeaderShop program and will not count toward the Master Board Member program.

  • Credits earned for attending LeaderShop workshops will still apply to the LeaderShop Academy level membership. The Core and Elective categories for courses have been eliminated with the following credit requirements now in place: 

    o        LeaderShop Academy  - 5 credits including the Basics of Governance
    o        LeaderShop Fellow - 12 credits including the Basics of Governance

  • Credits earned from previous workshops will roll over into the new member database system and continue to accrue as you attend future LeaderShop workshops. All members will retain their currently earned status in the LeaderShop program.

Take the next step:

  • This summer, IASB will notify members how to access the new web-based member database. At that time, you will be able to see your past course work and consider what course you may wish to take in the future.