Thursday, May 26, 2016

Activity on education funding
taking place in the Capitol

Much has happened in the Illinois State Capitol over the last couple of days regarding K-12 education funding.

The Senate Executive Committee is meeting right now to discuss an amendment to HB 3190 sponsored by Senator Kimberly Lightford which would change how school funding is distributed. For Fiscal Year 2017, state aid would be distributed through the formula contained in Senator Andy Manar’s plan (SB 231). For fiscal years 2018 and beyond education funding would be distributed based on the Evidence-Based Funding Model highlighted in the Vision 20/20 plan.

In the House of Representatives, an amendment sponsored by Representative Will Davis has been filed to HB 828 containing the Evidence-Based Funding Model. An amendment has also been filed to HB 829 containing the Manar proposal. Neither of these amendments have yet been approved by the House Rules Committee so they are stalled for now.

Also in the House, the Democrat majority approved an omnibus state budget bill (SB 2048) that, according to Republicans, proposes to spend billions more than will be available in the coming fiscal year. The bill would provide for $700 million in new funding for K-12 education to be distributed through an “Equity Grant” based on a school district’s poverty student concentration.

Bills must receive approval from both the House and Senate before being sent to the governor so nothing, necessarily, is imminent right now.

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