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Opinions on Education

The following are editorials, commentaries, and opinions from various sources regarding public education, collected in March 2016. Comments and opinions of websites linked from this page do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

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Let's Stop Requiring Advanced Math, A New Book Argues
Anya Kamenetz, NPR Education, March 2

Editorial: Let CPS, not a state board, run all Chicago’s schools
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial, March 3

Brown: Elected school board a good idea, funding fix a better one
Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times, March 3

Illinois' governing nightmare
Dave Dawson, Decatur Herald & Review, March 4

Vogel: State of Illinois politics a drag on Illinois State
Steve Vogel, Bloomington Pantagraph, March 5

Taxpayers need way to claw back excessive state-funded pensions
Ted Slowik, Daily Southtown, March 8

Editorial: Consensus not easy to find in Unit 5 plan
Bloomington Pantagraph Editorial, March 9

Editorial: How CPS students will lose if their teachers ditch class
Chicago Tribune Editorial, March 11

Why a Very Brave Child Fears Standardized Tests
Laurie Levy, HuffPost Education, March 16

Ralph Martire: Evidence proves that Illinois needs more tax revenue
Ralph Martire, State Journal-Register, March 16

CPS letter assumes parents will side against teachers
Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune, March 17

The more open, the better
Decatur Herald & Review Editorial, March 20

Editorial: Mulling a Tantrum Day in Chicago: When teachers lock out their students
Chicago Tribune Editorial, March 22

A one-day teachers strike plays into Gov. Rauner’s hands
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial, March 22

Opinion: Good Friday teacher furloughs no solution at all
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial, March 23

Local 90-student district shows why school consolidation is needed
Ted Slowik, Daily Southtown, March 23

Living on the edge with Millburn 24
David Rutter, Chicago Tribune, March 23

Henry, Stark superintendents get things done by working together
Dave Clarke, Kewanee Star Courier, March 25

GUEST EDITORIAL: School Funding System Has To Change
Senator Andy Manar, Hillsboro Journal News, March 28

Commentary: Why we teach — and why the CTU walkout is a mistake
Elizabeth G. Scalia, Ana L. Solis, Chicago Tribune, March 29

STATE AFFAIRS: Want to get a state budget passed? Threaten to cancel prep football
Jim Nowlan, Ottawa Times, March 20

Editorial: Two bosses for CPS charter schools is one too many
Chicago Tribune Editorial, March 30

Winning by not losing
News-Gazette Editorial, March 31

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