Tuesday, April 26, 2016

28 panel ideas chosen to ‘Share the Success’

Panel sessions for the 2016 Joint Annual Conference submitted by local school districts have been evaluated and 28 proposals were chosen from more than 70 topics submitted. (See the list of chosen panels.)

This is the first year that panels were rated by an online process. Most of the board members chose to rate the panels from the comfort of their homes within a 10-day period, while a few still chose to travel to one of the IASB offices to complete the evaluation process on March 11.

The chosen panels will be presented at the 2016 Conference.
The selected school districts are being invited by mail to present “Share the Success” panel sessions at the IASB/IASA/IASBO conference, to be held Nov. 18-20 in Chicago.

The conference’s Share the Success panel sessions are presented by school board members, administrators and other school or community members who are involved in the selected programs. Proposals were evaluated on several key points:
  • Topic is interesting and relevant to today’s school board members.
  • Presentation focuses on board-level work rather than staff work.
  • Creativity and innovation are demonstrated in the approach taken.
  • Proposal provides specific information rather than vague generalities.
  • Program’s claim to “success” is supported by evidence.
  • The school district’s experience can be replicated by other school districts.
  • Proposal presents a clear picture of the panel presentation.
Districts whose proposals were not selected for a panel time slot may be offered an opportunity to present in the Carousel of Panels event on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 19.

The IASB board development staff will be working in the next few months to assign time slots and locations for the panels. The complete lineup for all conference programming will be announced in September.

Conference and housing registration will open in early June. This year’s event will be the 102nd annual conference of the Illinois Association of School Boards and the 84th joint annual conference with the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) and Illinois Association of School Business Officials (Illinois ASBO).

IASB will send an email reminder to all members a few days before the registration materials go live. Meanwhile, all up-to-date information about the 2016 conference can be found online at: