Friday, March 11, 2016

Alliance Legislative Report (99-38)

With the House of Representatives on an extended spring break, the Illinois Senate was in Springfield this week for legislative action. As is typical with this time of year, most of the action took place in committees.

The most significant news of the week could turn out to be Senate President John Cullerton’s announcement that he would not pass an education budget until there is education funding reform. Cullerton also requested a district by district breakdown of Governor Bruce Rauner’s plan to fully fund the foundation level at $6,119.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Senate Education Committee took up Senate Bill 2823 (Koehler, D-Peoria) which provides flexibility in selling student-constructed homes. The bill, an Alliance initiative, was approved by the committee unanimously and now awaits a full vote in the Senate. For more on SB 2823, click here.

When Governor Rauner delivered his budget address in February, he laid out two choices for the General Assembly. The first, and preferred choice, was a budget that was a mix of “Turnaround Agenda” items, cuts, and new revenue. However, the second choice, giving Rauner broad authority to sweep funds and make cuts, seems to be getting the most attention right now. The legislation which embodies that idea, SB 2789 (Radogno, R-Lemont), was discussed at length in Senate Executive Committee but no vote was taken.

Click here to read the full Alliance Legislative Report (99-38), including bill action from the week and bills scheduled for next week.