Monday, March 21, 2016

Alliance bill to support Career and Technical Education advances

When former IASB President Joe Alesandrini presented a resolution on behalf of Pekin Community High School District 303 to the Association’s Resolutions Committee last July he was hoping to gain the support of his fellow Illinois school board members. Now, the stakes are higher as Alesandrini is working to gain the approval of the Illinois Senate.

The resolution District 303 proposed arose from a problem involving their building trades program. In order to keep their home construction program viable for future students, they had to ensure they were able to sell the student-constructed homes. After having an offer fall though due to difficulty with the closed-bid process, the school district decided the best solution would be to list the residence with a realtor.

Under current Illinois law, districts must first go through the sealed-bid process, which can take between 60 and 90 days, before seeking the assistance of a realtor. The resolution presented by Pekin High School and approved by the 2015 Delegate Assembly seeks to give districts the choice of avoiding the bid process altogether and instead have the property listed with a realtor immediately.

The IASB governmental relations staff worked with the district to draft a bill and find a sponsor. Senate Bill 2823, sponsored by Senator Dave Koehler, aims to give districts greater flexibility in how they sell homes constructed or renovated by students. The legislation would allow a school board to use the services of a licensed real estate broker to sell the property for a commission not to exceed 7%, contingent on the sale of the property within 120 days.

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After a unanimous vote by the Senate Education committee on March 8, SB 2823 will be considered by the full Senate.