Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Mini Clinics featured IASB services

Mini Clinics -- presentations featuring IASB staff members explaining and demonstrating a wide variety of Association member services -- were a new feature at the 2015 Joint Annual Conference.  Hosted by IASB on Friday and Saturday in the Comiskey Room, the Mini Clinics featured 20-minute interactive presentations and conversations.

Presenting departments and topics included:

  • Governmental Relations on resolutions process and advocacy
  • Targeting Achievement through Governance on the Illinois School Report Card
  • Board Development on community engagement and the board’s role in student learning
  • Executive Searches
  • Communications on social media, recruiting school board candidates, and wrapping up the conference experience
  • Field Services on superintendent evaluations and setting district goals and direction
  • Policy Services on School Board Policies Online, maintaining the board policy manual, 10 policies for better governance, and BoardBook
  • Office of General Counsel on "Meet the PRESS editors" and the Legislative PRESS issue.