Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ounce, IASB team up for early learning

The Illinois Association of School Boards and Ounce of Prevention Fund have collaborated on a document designed to provide school board members with the information necessary to guide their districts’ early learning efforts.

The Early Learning User’s Guide for Illinois School Boards includes an executive summary and 30-page booklet focusing on early learning from a local governance perspective. These documents were presented at the 2015 Joint Annual Conference and mailed to member school board presidents and superintendents.

The User’s Guide is also available online in PDF and digital formats.

Both the Ounce and IASB consider community engagement an important part of developing and maintaining early learning best practices.

“We concentrated on community resources, and the engagement that it takes,” said IASB Executive Director Roger Eddy. “The type of engagement in a community related to early childhood education also represents the type of engagement that identifies what needs there are in a community, what its resources are to meet those needs, and then how to fill the gap.”

School boards are responsible for ensuring that all children in their districts succeed. This guide offers methods and resources for early learning best practice, with the goal of improving long-term student achievement, Eddy concluded.