Monday, November 9, 2015

Master Board Member status recognized for 441 leaders

IASB handed out Master Board Member awards to 441 dedicated school board members at division dinner meetings this fall. Board members received awards for reaching Level I (79 award winners) and/or Level II (74 winners), both awards that precede the Master Board Member status.

A total of 58 individual school board members achieved Master Board Member status for the first time, and 230 were recognized for maintaining their status.

Now in its 16th year, the awards program is designed to recognize board members for the time and effort they devote to self-improvement and leadership activities in various IASB and/or NSBA activities within and beyond their local districts.

As in past years, each of these activities was assigned Master Board Member credits, depending upon the time commitment involved. Credits are cumulative and individuals are recognized at different milestones as they acquire the points.

Participation in the program is self-reported by board members at the end of each school year. Members should look to the spring of 2016 for their next opportunity to participate. In the meantime, relevant activities and points can be viewed at IASB’s Members-Only website.