Friday, October 16, 2015

News from IASB

Membership Update
The percentage of IASB member districts remains unchanged, as one district rejoined while another left. IASB membership stands at 843 districts out of 850 total public school districts, or slightly above 99 percent.

In mid-September, Kansas CUSD 3 rejoined as a member in the Illini Division. More recently, Lisbon CCSD 90 of the Three Rivers Division dropped its membership.

Employee Update
IASB has welcomed four new employees to its Springfield and Lombard offices.

Chris Montrey began employment with the Association on June 1 in Springfield as administrative assistant to the executive director. Montrey previously worked for Ball-Chatham CUSD 5 as a substitute teacher and administrative assistant. She was also employed as property manager for the Pacific Management Company.

Rhonda Cass Mackiney joined the board development staff in late July as administrative assistant. Mackiney had been the attendance secretary at the Chatham-Glenwood Middle School.

Joining Montrey and Mackiney in the Springfield office is Karen Johnson, who is assistant business manager for administrative services. Johnson was previously the property control manager, and subsequently served as account technician, for the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). She managed accounting, bill payment, bank reconciliations, and data processing during her time at CHIP. Johnson replaces Marge Reavis who retired on Sep. 22 after 15 years with IASB.

In the IASB Lombard office, Debra Muhlena joined the field services department as administrative assistant to Perry Hill IV. She will be working with the South Cook, West Cook, and Three Rivers divisions.