Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Burroughs Award nominations sought

There is still time to nominate local school board presidents for the Thomas Lay Burroughs Award, which is given annually to the state’s outstanding school board president. The deadline for the Illinois State Board of Education to receive nominations is Oct. 9, 2015.

Created in 1991 in memory of the late ISBE chairman, the award is presented each November at the Joint Annual Conference of IASB, IASA and IASBO. This year’s conference will be held on Nov. 20-22, and the award will be presented on Sunday, Nov. 22.

The Burroughs Award is intended to recognize extraordinary leadership on behalf of education at the local level. The criteria for the award recognize the following three areas of accomplishment:

•    Leadership on behalf of improved student learning and educational excellence,
•    Leadership on behalf of equal educational opportunities, and
•    Leadership in resolving a crisis or major difficulty.

Leadership is defined by the award criteria as including group skills, such as consensus-building proficiency and teamwork, as well as individual traits such as vision, courage, integrity, etc.

School districts fortunate enough to have a board president who has provided outstanding leadership in one or all of these areas are encouraged to nominate him or her for the 2015 Burroughs Award.  Anyone who has served as president of a local school board in 2015 is eligible for consideration, including those who might have been nominated in prior years.

Nominations should be submitted to Katherine Galloway, via email at: kgallowa@isbe.net. Indicate Burroughs Nomination as the subject. For more information, including award details, and the format for nominations, visit ISBE's Burroughs Award website.