Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Resolutions Committee reviews, recommends district proposals

The IASB resolutions committee met July 31 to debate six proposals brought forth by member districts. The committee recommended the adoption of two new resolutions submitted and the reaffirmation of two current position statements, all to be decided at the 2015 Delegate Assembly in November.

IASB Vice President Phil Pritzker chaired the committee that is responsible for recommending either the approval or disapproval of the proposals submitted and determines which resolutions are presented to the full delegate assembly. The committee’s decisions may be appealed by member districts in writing at least eight days prior to the Delegate Assembly meeting.

A Report to Membership summarizing all the proposed resolutions and the committee’s recommendations on each proposal will be mailed to districts in September.

The resolutions that received a “do adopt” recommendation this year include:

  • Charter school funding, submitted by Woodland CCSD 50, is a reaffirmation of Position Statement 2.27. The Illinois Association of School Boards shall urge adoption of legislation which would create a new methodology for the funding of State Authorized Charter Schools which would not have a negative financial impact on the host district.
  • Sale of district property—student constructed homes, submitted by Pekin CHSD 303. As amended, the Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation that amends statutory guidelines outlined in Section 5-22 of the Illinois School Code to allow a school district the initial option to advertise, list, and sell a structure single family residence, constructed or renovated by students as part of the its curricular program, by other means than the sealed bid process (i.e. sale by owner, licensed real estate agent).
  • Hospital charity tax status, submitted by Niles THSD 219. As amended, the Illinois Association of School Boards shall support any litigation and clarifying legislation which requires hospitals to meet existing constitutional standards as a charity in order to qualify for property tax exemptions.
  • School construction prioritization, submitted by Opdyke-Bell River CCSD 5, is a reaffirmation of Position Statement 2.20. The Illinois Association of School Boards shall prioritize the School Construction Project List for 2004 and that the state of Illinois fully fund the 2004 School Construction Project list.

Committee members recommended a motion of “do not adopt” for two resolutions. A full list of all submitted resolutions will be available online by mid-September in the Resolutions Committee Report to the Membership. The report also contains an explanation of the rationale for each proposal and the committee recommendation of “do adopt” or “do not adopt” for the resolutions.

In addition to debating measures submitted by local districts, IASB Deputy Executive Director Ben Schwarm informed members that the Delegate Assembly would hold a vote regarding the dissolution of the Illinois Council of Township/County School Treasurers.

“The Council, which was created decades ago, has been virtually defunct for the last several years. The Board of Directors has taken action to dissolve the Council, and by IASB Constitution, this action must be ratified by the Delegate Assembly. The township treasurers who wish to remain active in the Association will still be able to do so through the Affiliate Membership program,” Schwarm indicated.

Member district delegates will meet on Saturday, November 21, at the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. The resolutions that are approved by the full assembly will be added to IASB Position Statements and used to set Association policy for the coming year.