Friday, August 21, 2015

IASB utilizing new application system
for administrative searches

The IASB Executive Searches department has launched a new application management system to improve the application process for superintendent and administrative candidate positions. The new system, AppliTrack, is web-based with a clean and simple interface that aids in the registration process.

AppliTrack has a number of features that aim to improve recruiting and tracking of applicants, while providing a mobile-friendly platform that works on tablets, iPads, and smartphones. AppliTrack also collects information as candidates fill out an application, allowing that information to be carried over to additional applications without having to be re-entered.

The system is designed to be intuitive, making it fast and easy for administrative applicants to find the information they need. AppliTrack will track the hiring status for applicants across multiple vacancies, coordinate interview times online, and quickly notify selected candidates of new vacancies.

“We are excited about offering the online application process through AppliTrack,” said IASB Executive Searches Consultant Tom Leahy. “This system is user-friendly for candidates and provides broad functions for the search consultants. Many school districts use this system for their own vacancies. With that, applicants may be familiar with the nuances.

“This promises to be a quality tool for the Executive Searches department to continue to provide the valuable service necessary that will match candidates to the school districts with positive results for the children,” Leahy continued.

The transition from the previous Appli system to AppliTrack took place in early August. All new executive searches that began on or after August 6 will utilize AppliTrack, while previous searches will be completed through the old system.

Due to the changeover between the systems IASB will not be able to transfer data from the existing program (Appli) to AppliTrack. Current administrative candidates are advised to print or save application packets and any related documents that have been uploaded to Appli in order to retain that information for future reference.