Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Board members can earn honors by keeping track of 'Master Board Member' points

IASB mailed out a form on June 1 to board members to track their “Master Board Member” activities. Form directions include a list of programs and activities of the past year that qualify for credits toward Master Board Member status.

IASB recognizes and honors board members for the time and effort they devote to self-improvement and leadership activities. Points are assigned to professional development programs and range from 5 to 30. Credits are awarded through June 30 and awards are presented at the IASB fall division dinner meetings. Awards were handed out last fall to more than 200 members who had earned or maintained Master Board Member status.

The point total for the year must be reported to IASB each year by the individual board member. Board members are urged to make a copy for their own records prior to completing and returning their activities summary document to the IASB offices. Deadline for receiving the updated forms is July 31.

The Master Board Member materials and records are available under the “Your IASB Involvement” tab at the top of the Members-Only home page.

Forms are available for each school year going back to 1999-2000 and are provided in portable document format (PDF). Members may go to to complete the new form. It may be mailed, faxed, or saved and emailed as an attachment.
Questions about the program or forms should be directed to Peggy Goone at 217/528-9688, ext. 1103, or e-mail at