Friday, May 29, 2015

Alliance Legislative Report (99-23)

The Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday defeated Governor Bruce Rauner’s Workers’ Compensation Act reform bill along partisan lines. All Democrats on the committee voted “no” while all Republicans voted “yes”. SB 994 (Radogno-R-LaGrange) was the first item on the Governor’s “Turnaround Agenda” to receive a legislative vote.

In the Senate Executive Committee today (Thursday), the Governor’s proposed “Local Government Taxpayer Protection Act” was defeated, again, along party lines. SB 1046 (Radogno) would freeze property tax extensions for all units of local government permanently and provide relief to local units of government through reducing the scope of what must be collectively bargained and exemption from the Prevailing Wage Law. ...

An amendment to SB 884 (Radogno) contains the Governor’s proposed changes regarding tort law under the Illinois Civil Procedures Code. Like the others, this measure was defeated on a partisan basis in the Judiciary Committee.

Read the full Alliance Legislative Report (99-23) here.