Friday, May 15, 2015

Alliance Legislative Report (99-21)


As the legislature draws closer to its scheduled adjournment date (May 31), legislative leaders, budgeteers, and working groups formed by Governor Bruce Rauner have been meeting on the major issues: Fiscal Year 2016 budget, business law reforms, property taxes, and expanded gaming. Most of these discussions have been held behind closed doors, however the House Speaker Michael Madigan has brought several of the Governor’s “TurnAround Agenda” proposals to the House floor.

Last week the Speaker held a “Committee of the Whole” session to discuss workers’ compensation laws. This week he did the same with tort reform. These are all planks in the Governor’s agenda, but with no legislation submitted on any of them, Speaker Madigan has decided to spur the conversations and, according to many observers, hijack the issues to be shown in a negative light.

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