Monday, April 20, 2015

Nominees sought for Holly Jack Award

Nominees are being sought for seventh annual Holly Jack board secretary award.

Now is the time for districts to nominate the employee who does the work of the school board secretary for the 2015 Holly Jack Outstanding Service Award.

This award was created to honor the memory of Holly Jack, a long-time employee of the association who served as an IASB Field Services administrative assistant and was instrumental in promoting and developing the secretaries’ program that is offered at the annual conference.

The purpose of the award is both to honor Holly’s contribution and memory and to recognize the extraordinary work and service provided by secretaries who serve and assist their local boards of education. The award is presented annually at the IASB/IASA/IASBO annual conference in Chicago.

To be eligible for this service award an individual must be:

  • A district employee who does the work of the school board secretary, and
  • Have been employed in that position, either by your school district or another, for a minimum of five years.

The criteria include:

  • Excellent performance – Works “above and beyond” expectations, always going the extra mile to serve the district’s educational staff, school board, community members, and students.
  • Initiative – Demonstrates independent problem-solving ability.
  • Innovation – Demonstrates imagination in the work environment.
  • Staff development – Strives to empower, embrace, and equip colleagues to reach their professional and personal potential.
  • Self-improvement – Demonstrates a desire to enhance excellence.
  • Passion – Demonstrates a passion for work and public education.
  • Dedication – Devotes time and energy to improve.

The deadline for submitting the documents is Sept. 30. Nomination forms are available on the IASB website, click here, or contact Anna Lovern, Director, Policy Services, 217/528-9688, ext 1125, email address