Leading News

February 20, 2018
In today’s Leading News, The Daily Herald looks at what measures school districts are implementing to protect children in their classrooms, and to cope with unsettling threats to student safety Finally in the news, seeing kindergarten curling in Charleston CUSD 1 will make your day better.

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Are locks, cameras, drills enough preparation for school shootings?
Madhu Krishnamurthy, Daily Herald, Chicago suburbs, February 19

Probe: Cerro Gordo school threat not credible
Steve Hoffman, News-Gazette, Champaign, February 16

Huntley High School, police determine
reported threat posed no danger to school
Megan Jones, Northwest Herald, February 14

Social media post unsettles schools, police
DuQuoin Call, February 5

'Kindergarten curling' part of games
at Charleston elementary school
Dave Fopay, Journal Gazette and Times Courier, Charleston and Mattoon, February 19

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