Thursday, December 13, 2018

Longest-serving board member
has been on board for 44 years

IASB records indicate that currently the longest-serving active school board member in Illinois is Marjorie Loizzo, of Rondout SD 72 (Lake Forest), a board secretary and nurse who has compiled 44 years of service on the board.

“I am honored to have been able to contribute to our schools for so many years,” said Loizzo, who is 81. Loizzo said she is proud of having served “as a board member for 44 years.” She took office in 1974 when Rondout was served by a three-member school board.

She says she originally ran for the job because she had seven children and wanted to help shape the educational program at the small school. An eighth child arrived later, and more than a dozen grandchildren.

Loizzo formerly worked as a part-time nurse at Lambs Farm in Green Oaks. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, where she graduated with the class of 1958.

She says IASB has helped her develop as a school board member, and she tries not to miss any of the services and events the Association offers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Leading News keeps readers informed
of media coverage on education issues

To help readers stay informed, IASB offers news headlines, featuring daily news about issues of importance to school board members, on this News Blog.

Leading News, a collection of public education-related headlines from across the state and nation, helps readers understand what the media is covering, and allows school board members to stay on top of the issues they face, or may face, in their leadership roles.

Leading News is updated most weekdays -- and some weekends -- throughout the year. IASB members and the public can access this resource by clicking on the Leading News icon above or in the right column of the News Blog. An archive of Leading News is available there as well.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Changes to Master Board Member Program bring all board members aboard

With the full integration of IASB’s data management system, changes that expand member inclusion have been implemented for the Association’s member recognition platform, the Master Board Member Program.

Previously, all board members who wanted to participate in the Master Board Member Program would fill out a yearly summary form detailing their activities and IASB staff would manually add points to their record.  Now that members register for events and training online via the member database, all training points are automatically totaled and added to the board member’s profile. This means that all Association school board members are automatically included in the Master Board Member Program, unless they choose to opt-out.

Because all members now tally points toward their Master Board Member status, IASB has seen a significant increase in individuals recognized for their training participation. In 2018, more than 1,300 Master Board Member - Level I members received the honors. That’s up from just around 100 members recognized in 2017.

Other changes to the Master Board Member Program include the complete elimination of self-reporting of additional outside activities that previously counted toward Master Board Member points. Participating board members will also now receive a framed Master Board Member certificate after earning 200 points. To maintain the Master Board Member status, members will need to earn 40 points each year and will receive an updated certificate at Fall Division meetings.

Board members can view their Master Board Member points and recognition records by signing into “My Account” and selecting the Education and Recognition link. Additional information on the Master Board Member Program and other recognition programs can be found on the IASB website.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Geneva teacher strike the first this year

The first teacher strike in Illinois in over a year began on December 3 at Geneva CUSD 304. The work action involves 458 teachers, and leaves approximately 5,800 students out of the classroom.

The district stated in October that it has offered teachers raises of more than $2,000 a year for the next three years. The board said the union wants still-higher pay increases and is demanding that the district pay an increased percentage of health insurance premiums.

The union issued its intent-to-strike notice on October 2, following a meeting with a federal mediator, one of at least seven such mediation sessions.

The most recent Illinois school strike occurred in Palatine CCSD 15, where members of the Education Support Personnel Association union went on strike on October 15, 2017. That action involved school nurses, special education classroom aides, and school secretaries. Schools remained open, however, and a federal judge ordered the employees considered “essential” – nurses and some aides – back to work, and all workers went back to work just prior to an agreement being reached on October 29, 2017.

Illinois has recorded only 21 school strikes since 2010, with eight of those occurring in 2012, and four occurring in 2016.

More information is available from the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board (IELRB), which collects education-related final offers for posting on its website. Current IELRB postings can be accessed here.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Bingo, OLC winners
from Conference announced

IASB Homeroom, besides being a place for attendees to gather Conference information and learn about IASB products and services, was the headquarters for a number of prize giveaways, with a total of 24 prizes.

Click below to read about contests and the drawing winners from 2018.

Bingo winners announced
The winners have been announced for the IASB Service Associates Bingo game at the 2018 Joint Annual Conference.

Bingo cards were included in the 2018 Conference program. Players had to visit each of 12 sponsors in the Exhibit Hall, and have the Bingo squares marked by the participating exhibitor before turning the card in to the IASB Homeroom.

Bingo at the Joint Annual Conference is sponsored by IASB Service Associates, a member group that is comprised of businesses that offer school-related products and services. Each has earned a favorable reputation for quality and integrity and has been invited to membership by the IASB Board of Directors. Click here to learn more. 

Twenty winners’ names were drawn on Saturday, November 17, from over 300 cards that were submitted. A $75 Amazon gift card will be mailed to each of the following attendees:

Cheri Coby, Gavin SD 37
Cheryl Simpson, Indian Creek SD 425
Jacqueline Doss, Country Club Hills SD 160
Dawn Walker, N Pekin-Marquette Heights SD 102
Faith Gunter, Dolton SD 148
Marilyn Barnes, Ford Heights SD 169
Wendell Marshall, Brooklyn USD 188
Tara Hall, Vandalia CUSD 203
Rose Hernandez, Silvis SD 34
Brittnie Morrell, Virginia CUSD 64
Annette Whittington, Thornton THSD 205
Andrea VanLeer, Salt Fork SD 512
Walter Mosby, Park Forest Chicago Heights SD 163
Camille Harris, Hillside SD 93
Kerry Morris, Reed-Custer CUSD 255U
Karen Slater, Hillside SD 93
Tammi Davis, Park Forest Chicago Heights SD 163
Stephanie Haugh, Oregon CUSD 220
Gianina Baker, Champaign CUSD 4
Pat Hutson, Country Club Hills SD 16

Online Learning Center Raffle Winners
Four names were drawn in the raffle for the LeaderShop Online Learning Center. This promotion was held in the IASB Homeroom during the 2018 Joint Annual Conference. The winners include

Brad Crow, Salem SD 111
Anna Klimkowicz, Township HSD 211
Franci Miller, Blue Ridge CUSD 18
Jason Waters, Northwestern CUSD 2

These board members will receive free registration for one Online Learning Center (OLC) course. OLC allows participants to take courses in an online format that features targeted information followed by short, scenario-based question-and-answer quizzes to ensure test-takers’ understanding of the material.

Current offerings cover school discipline reform, bullying prevention, administrator searches, the Open Meetings Act, Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT), the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA), and a division leadership series. Development of additional courses is underway.

The winning entries were drawn randomly from among the more than 1,000 people who visited the IASB Homeroom, which was open to members and guests on Friday and Saturday.